I was looking at this blog, Ken Photo Geek’s Bubbling Brain, the other day and I was shocked to see that I had not posted anything for two years!  As anyone who knows me will tell you, this is surprising as I always have a lot to say, and I feel that everyone is entitled to my opinion.

In trying to understand why I have taken this long break, I can only say that life got in the way, and, more importantly, I was conflicted about what I wanted to write about.  I frequently came up with topics that only seemed like whining and complaining.  Truthfully, I have been very lucky in life, with a few bumps along the road, and I feel I have very little right to complain about things.

Then there is politics!  I have decided I want to stay away from politics!  There are already enough people writing about politics, and frankly I find most of it distressing.  After our long, brutal presidential campaign with two very flawed candidates, I have had enough.  While I wish I could understand how this country became so divided, I will leave it to others to probe and discuss these issues.

Instead, I am going to write about what I do know and what I experience.  I have been traveling a lot over the last two years, visiting locales on five continents, and there is much to write about and share.  I am a photographer and I will write about photography.  During this two year period, I switched from using Canon DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras to using Olympus Micro-Four-Thirds cameras.  I made the decision to switch while sitting in the backseat of a helicopter over Victoria Falls with about twenty pounds (ten kilos) of camera equipment around my neck.  I will be writing about my cameras, my photographs and my thoughts and observations on photography in general.  Needless to say, there will be a lot of cross-over between the photography and travel.

Finally, I will be writing about life in general; my experiences and observations.  As I said, no whining or complaining (and boy, will that be tough).

So, hang with me; I hope that you will read my blog posts, enjoy, them and take something away with you.  If you do like what you read, please do share with your friends.